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Connect with your customers using WhatsApp Business

03 Mar 2023

How to get the most out of WhatsApp Business

Connect with your customers using WhatsApp Business

The coronavirus crisis has forced many businesses to reinvent themselves and embrace new sales channels – and WhatsApp is a prime example.

Instant messaging is already the natural way people communicate with their friends – there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have a place in your business too.

A fun and informal way to chat to your customers, WhatsApp Business means you can get back to customers quicker with updates and support. And with different messaging tools to automate responses such as ‘quick replies’ for frequently asked questions or ‘away messages’ for out of office hours, you’ll never miss an interaction again.

Why use WhatsApp as a sales channel?

  • It’s completely free!

  • Different audiences: You can create groups for different customer types and business partners to help segment your audience.

  • Get creative with format: You can send images, videos, audio and links to web pages to help embellish your messages.

  • Accessibility: You can download it onto any modern device, regardless of its model, brand or operating system and you can use WhatsApp on your computer – making message management just as easy as email.

  • Quick answers: Do you find many of your customers ask the same questions? WhatsApp Business lets you set up quick responses to common enquires, so you don't have to type the same answer every time – things like "Received" and "The order has already gone out".

  • Automatic messages: WhatsApp Business allows you to send an automated message if you cannot reply or create a welcome message to introduce your company to new customers.

  • Tag your contacts: You can tag your customers in various groups, such as separating those who have paid, those who have outstanding orders and those who have food allergies. You can then send separate messaging out to each group.

  • Statistics: Not only can you see how many messages you’ve sent, but also how many have been delivered and, above all, been read. From there, you can improve your marketing strategies and see which messages are most effective.

Now we’ve established the benefits of using WhatsApp for Business, here are some of the ways you can implement it across your business.

WhatsApp tips and best practices

  • Processing orders or managing appointments: Your customers can send you their shopping list through WhatsApp or request an appointment. 

  • Provide updates on orders: Once an order has been made, you can notify your customers when it’s been sent and when they can expect to have it delivered.

  • Profile photo: To make a good impression, it’s essential that you choose an appropriate photo – preferably one with your brand logo.

  • Profile information: Use simple, direct language, and state what your customers are able to do by messaging you (whether it be to order food, make a reservation or ask general questions).

  • WhatsApp status updates: Ideally, you should use status updates when you have news to communicate to all customers – for example, new stock or promotions. But remember that statuses disappear within 24 hours.

For more support, you can also speak to one of our Business Advisors by phone or web chat.

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