Personalised digital advice for your business

What is V-Hub?

The world of work is changing. V-Hub replaces the confusion of technology with free personalised advice to grow your digital confidence and bring your business to life online. From attracting and keeping customers through to employee care and simplifying your internal systems, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

How can V-Hub help?

Whether you’re a Vodafone customer or not, V-Hub helps you find the right digital solutions for your business. Learn in your own time with access to our latest articles or discover how to evolve your business with free personalised advice from a digital expert.

V-Hub is a free advisory service that supports your customers, employees and business with the right digital solutions

Your customers

Grow and manage relationships with new and existing customers.

Your employees

Give your staff the flexibility to work and collaborate from anywhere.

Your business

Manage costs and simplify internal processes with the right digital solutions.

Discover what's possible with digital

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One-to-one advice

Find out what your next step could be using digital with a bespoke Action Plan and free one-to-one advice from a digital expert.

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Knowledge Center

Get inspired and learn in your own time. Watch, read and listen to ways you can use digital to evolve your business, based on your needs.

Helping your business 
is good for everyone

You’re not alone when it comes to digital. As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, we want to build a community of successful local economies around the world. That’s why we help any business grow their digital confidence by offering free, impartial and actionable advice through our local digital experts and online resources.

By helping your business, we’re helping everyone.

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V-Hub Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)