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Discover how cloud is supporting businesses through the crisis

24 Feb 2023

Uncover the many benefits cloud can bring to your business

Cloud has proven itself to be a game changer over the past few years. You’ve probably read about benefits like greater flexibility, improved efficiency and how it supports growth. You may actually be experiencing some of this already, if you’ve made the switch. But the benefits have never been clearer to see.

The last few months have been challenging for all businesses – big and small. Rules put in place to get a handle on the pandemic mean organisations must rethink how they work from the ground up. From moving more operations digitally to minimise physical contact, to managing workforces remotely as more people log on from home.

Our recent Future Ready Report looks into our findings from a wide-reaching business survey. We conducted this around businesses that are most prepared for the future, with one important aspect being investment in technologies like cloud.

In fact, some 74% say they already use cloud-based or hosted servers and a further 16% say they will make the leap in the near future.

Transforming business

‘Digital transformation’ covers a lot – from reimagining your day-to-day operations to embracing exciting new tech. Cloud, however, is a topic where just about all our respondents agreed.

It’ll come as no surprise to you that all the ‘future ready’ businesses we talked to really value the innovations that going digital can bring. So much so that 60% told us their digital transformation budget had been completely protected throughout lockdown.

In a time where capital is being saved and funnelled to the parts of business that matter most, this is a clear sign that those best prepared for the future consider digital to be just as important as any other aspect of their business plans.

How has cloud helped throughout the pandemic?

There are a number of different ways in which cloud services have benefitted businesses – the most obvious being how it has helped companies to embrace remote working with ease. Collaboration amongst colleagues and having access to working files has become second nature as we get to grips with new applications and ways of working.

There are other benefits too which include:

  • Financial – the advantages are numerous, covering everything from not needing your own technical team (repair and maintenance are all handled by the cloud provider) to being able to iron out those expensive inefficiencies in your processes. Cloud has been fantastic at lowering costs and giving businesses some all-important financial resilience.

  • Improving customer experience – allowing businesses to really ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to serving their customers. Gone are the days of solely relying on telephone calls and emails to connect with the people you work with and work for. Cloud allows you to get much more efficient and creative with how you communicate and collaborate with people.

  • Flexibility – plenty of businesses have experienced challenges for the first time as they work out how their services can be translated to the digital realm. Relying on cloud (rather than on premise infrastructure) means employees can access data any time, any place and securely – all on the device of their choice. If you have a laptop and internet connection, you’re good to go.

  • Fluctuating demand – as online sales sky rocketed during the pandemic, businesses needed to react, and fast. Cloud meant smaller businesses could make the most of this new opportunity by helping their e-commerce sites perform at their best. From tracking and monitoring stock, to improving the order process and reacting to spikes in demand, this technology means your website won’t let you down when you need it most.

The silver lining

The pandemic has been – and still is – a difficult time for businesses. But the good news for those who do move to the cloud is that most will be in a much stronger position for the post-COVID world.

Whether it’s refining existing processes or completely reinventing ways of working, the flexibility cloud provides opens up many more options.

Businesses that have adapted and invested in their digital transformation will see flexible working, efficient processes and customer experiences go from strength to strength. Capabilities that will serve them now and well into the future.

As our research shows, cloud is an essential item in the ‘future ready’ toolkit. And those that equip themselves now will reap the biggest rewards.

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